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Teen Missions South Africa is a faith-based, interdenominational organization. It was first started in the United States and was geared to promote youth missions and to encourage youth of all ages to reach out to the world around them. But in only a few years, the vision of Teen Missions International grew and spread, and bases were established in many countries all around the world.


What is the vision of Teen Missions? We are here to “train tomorrow’s missionaries today.” We believe that no one is too young to believe in Christ or too inexperienced to serve Him. Our goal is to raise awareness among the youth of the church to the great needs of the world outside our door. We seek to help the youth deepen their relationship with God and cultivate the desire to share the Good News and love of God with those who do now know. Teen Missions has been established to equip people of all ages, races and languages with the tools and knowledge they need to share the love of Christ more effectively.


While our work and goals may be very widespread and may vary with time, one thing will not change. We desire to make a difference in this world, one person at a time. 



(Merrit Island, Florida, USA), Canada, Honduras, Ecuador, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Madagascar, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Russia/Siberia, Mongolia, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia


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