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Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center (BMW)

Teen Missions International founded the first BMW in South Africa in 1997, with the desire to provide quality education and practical ministry experience for all who are called to full time Christian ministry. The design of this program is to equip men and women for a lifetime of fruitful ministry without the added financial burden of tuition.


BMW is an intense, three year, Bible Training Center comprised of curriculum that is seminary based, and practical “hands-on” ministerial outreach training. While we expect students to cover their own personal expenses; tuition, room and board are free of charge.


Because of the intensity of the program, strict standards governing student life are maintained. It is the goal of this Training Center to teach and train the students to be men and women of honor, character and commitment. We desire that the graduates of the BMW program demonstrate the character of Christ in their personal lives and ministries; that they graduate from this program spiritually mature and academically qualified for a lifetime of faithful service. As this is our aim, we expect our students to be teachable, and willing to grow and mature into the men and women the Lord has called them to be. Upon successful completion of the three-year program (two years academic training and one year of internship), the students are issued a Diploma in Bible. 


During the months of December and January, the Teen Missions South Africa base is transformed from a Bible school campus to a youth summer camp known as “The LORD’s Boot Camp.” Youth from all over South Africa are invited to become a part of the program each summer. The youth are divided into teams comprised of approximately 20 teens and 4 adult leaders. Together they spend the first ten days of their summer in training on the Teen Missions base. The atmosphere itself is meant to train and teach as the teams sleep in tents and all bathing and laundry is done in buckets. Each team is given training in evangelistic skills, as well as classes on construction, block laying, puppets, music, drama, and how to work as a team. All classes are designed to equip the teens physically and spiritually for their project time.


After the days of training, each team is commissioned to spend two weeks serving in a local church or community. The projects vary from team to team. Some spend their summer building toilets in a needy area or helping construct a church building. Others spend their summer using soccer, sports, and music as a means to share the gospel. Still others might work with the children in an underprivileged area using Child Evangelism Fellowship clubs, or doing door-to-door evangelism. After these two weeks, the teams once again gather on the Teen Missions base for a few days of Debrief; where they are taught how to return to their homes, schools and churches and yet still continue to be an example of Christ in the world around them.

Circuit Riders

The longer Teen Missions has been in South Africa, the more we have become aware of the great need for spiritual training for youth. The Circuit Rider Mission will allow Teen Missions Staff or Gap year volunteers to continue to reach out to the area youth in the community of Moboloka. The circuit riders will have up to eight locations that they will rotate through. The primary goals of the circuit riders will be to teach Sunday School classes, to establish Bible Memory Quiz teams, hold literacy and phonics classes for both children and adults, and train local adults in teaching Sunday School classes. We hope to use these lessons to teach the people how to give back to the community and to be responsible citizens. It is through the Circuit Rider Mission that we hope to show many men, women, and children the love of God in a real and practical way. We hope to give them a chance for a better life, and as we do so, point them to the source of all life--Jesus Christ.



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